Square for Equal Women Graduates Employment and Enterprise Development program

Square is an 18 month program that financed by the Danish Center for Research and Information on Gender, Equality and Diversity. It aims at fighting unemployment among female university graduates from the University of Sfax (UNIS) by engaging a gender based capacity building academic collaboration between Tunisian and Danish universities, and a “quadripartite” dialogue and partnership with the private sector, the student and the government organizations.


• Launch a multi-stakeholder debate and dialogue related to the hiring discrimination against women graduates and raise awareness of the University of Sfax and the local private sector about a gender based Enterprise-Universities partnership concept.

• Enhance the University of Sfax capacity in order to meet the development needs through Stronger University- Community Cooperation.

• Enhance the employability and entrepreneurship of UNIS university students and graduates, mainly women graduates to promote start-ups among future entrepreneurs and graduate researchers mainly among women.


• Two Partnerships established between "TAMSS" and "University of Sfaxand TAMSS and Aalborg University.

• 600 persons from the private sector, government officials and deputies, NGOs, and the universities are sensitized to the hiring discrimination against women and adhere to our recommendations.

• 90 students are better equipped with personal and professional skills

• 15 found a job

• 30 graduates set up their enterprises .

• 35 graduates develop a business plan .

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