Tunisia Inclusive Labor Initiative program

TILI is a project financed by the U.S. State Department over years in collaboration with the Global Fairness Initiative NGO. This project aims to promote decent working conditions in the informal work sector through the creation of a legal and economic framework that is more inclusive of workers in the informal work economy. It has been and implemented in 3 phases. Its duration is from November 2012 to January 2017.


• To improve the government of Tunisia’s ability to measure the social and economic impact of informality and informal labor.

• To contribute to the design and adoption of new laws and policies to encourage formalization and improve services to informal workers.

• To increase the capacity of informal workers and their organizations to advocate for their rights.


• One assessment related to existing government capacity, mechanisms, programs, and barriers to formalization and 19 recommendations presented to the government agencies.

• A Roadmap for the economic inclusion of Tunisian informal workers based on 17 consensus recommendations

• A guide of formalization is approved by the different stakeholders

• A TOT manual on the formalization process is developed.

• Creation of 2 representative associations of informal workers to advocate for their rights in Ben Guerdene and El Kef.

• A manual of procedures for labor inspectors is elaborated

• Active participation to the tax reform project

• Implementation of one stop window within the Centre d'Affaires in Kef

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