Formalization and Job Creation (FORCE) Program

Force is a 15 month project funded by the German Cooperation -GIZ- and implemented by TAMSS. It focuses on three regions: Ariana-Kairouan- Kef . The main objective of of FORCE is to raise the awareness, support and accompany young informal entrepreneurs who are working on their transition to the formal sector


• Provide capacity building and strengthen managerial abilities of informal self employed and micro entrepreneurs

• Provide technical assistance to facilitate the transition of self-employed businesses to the formal sector

• Insure assistance and to support the launching and management of the micro entreprises


• 3 formalization centers are established within a local NGO in each region and are providing formalization services and permanent assistance to entrepreneurs

• 300 young male and female workers in the informal sector are sensitized to the needs and advantages of integrating the formal sector

• 100 male and female entrepreneurs are personally coached and supported to formalize their activities and manage efficiently their businesses

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