Vocal technique, Interpretation and Improvisation

Once a week for 2 hours, our coach and artist Haythem HADHIRI helps you learn and enhance your singing voice based on relaxation, exploration of the body in space, sensory listening and self-expression.

Singing uses all the of the human body’s resources. Not only the respiratory system, but also many muscles with the most diverse functions, those of the belly, back, neck, face. It is one of the most complete activities, because it requires a body consciousness on all these levels.

Moreover, to sing is not only to use one’s voice and one’s body, it is also to interpret, to make the public share the emotions contained in the sung text. In this, the singing joins the art of the stage.

Price: 60 TND/

The coach: Haythem HADHIRI

Haytham HADHIRI is the best operatic voice in June 2010 for his interpretation of “Cavatine de Figaro” from the Sevillian opera (Rossini). Following his ambition, to continue in this universe of booklets and major plays, he noticed that he was “the only Arab participant to go through the competition and the only Tunisian to win this award in its history.”

Haythem graduated from the Tunis Musical Institute and was the only Arab artist to be admitted to the lyrical singing competition of the National Conservatory of Music in Paris.

Even though he has an oriental training and a theater passion, Haytham has chosen to move towards lyrical singing to discover the real possibilities of his voice.


N.B: Group of minimum 10 and maximum 20 individuals
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