TAMSS's Vision

To become a social and economic development force in Tunisia and North Africa

TAMSS's Mission

To contribute to Tunisia’s development through the social, economic and political empowerment of women and youth

Target population

Youth and Women : educated, uneducated, rural, urban, jobless, micro entrepreneurs...

TAMSS New History in few words (post Revolution) :

Since 2011, TAMSS has been involved in the design, implementation and management of EU ($1.2M), UN, State Department (almost $1M), private foundations, the British, Danish, Finnish, French, Canadian, Swiss, and other foreign governments’ funded development and community based projects/programs.

TAMSS employs a qualified team of 20 permanent professionals in development. In addition to its very wide network of consultants and trainers, over the last 5 years TAMSS succeeded in establishing partnerships with different ministries and government organizations such as Ministries of : Employment, Interior, Women, Social Affairs, etc. as well as civil servants at the different ministries and local government agencies, national, local and international NGOs and development organizations.

TAMSS is currently delivering services in over 15 governorates in Tunisia (more than half of the country) through the establishment of partnerships with local community based NGOs. Our growth strategy is not to open offices all over the country but collaborate with the nascent but engaged regional non profits while building their capacities to better service their populations.

In February 2016, TAMSS opened a new branch in Sfax : "TAMSS SFAX and SUD"

Few of our Results over the 11 years

Over almost a decade, TAMSS has proven to be capable of achieving its results and meeting its objectives:

  • 10,000 Women and Youth benefited from the program's activities in the different regions
  • 3,700 Entrepreneurs trained and coached
  • More than 2,000 sustainable jobs created
  • More than 1,500 businesses launched and/or expanded
  • 8 studies and sector based researches were conducted by Tunisian and international experts (many of them are used by the government for the 5 year economic development plan)
  • More than 10 partnerships and MOU's signed/established with various ministries and government agencies at the national and local levels
  • More than 100 NGOs located in more than 15 governorates of Tunisia benefited from TAMSS's services
  • 3 Formalization "Centers" established in Ariana, Kairouan and Kef to support informal self-employed and micro entrepreneurs in their business formalization process
  • More than 20 partnerships established with international NGO mainly based in the US and Europe


Three major pillars :

  • Institutional capacity building of mainly women and youth led NGOs and organizations
  • Women and youth entrepreneurship, leadership and enterprise development
  • Enhancement of Human rights, civic and political participation of women and youth
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